Pre Kindy and Kindergarten




Each day in our older rooms staff are busy supporting children’s exploration of new language, new physical and emerging social skills. Our staff extend children’s natural inquisitiveness and their desire to find out more!

Across the day, opportunities for children to explore, investigate and question are provided for children to learn organically. We provide interesting, engaging and stimulating play-based programs and experiences that encourage the “natural wonder” that is present in children, and tap into their desire to find out more. Click here to find out more of what a typical day looks like.

School Readiness

As children prepare for their transition to school our staff will work toward ‘school readiness’. We focus on the developmental stages as well as ensuring their self-help skills such as toileting, hand washing, opening lunches are practiced more to ensure they are confident to start school.

We encourage families to share our day and extend many regular invitations to parents – maybe you have a love, special skill, interest or job which the children would love to share with you. It makes your child feel very special and means that the whole class gets to learn something new and exciting.

Visit Our Centre

You are welcome to visit our centre at any time and we encourage you to spend time talking with your child’s Educators. We will work towards making the transition to our centre as smooth as possible so both you and your child feel part of this fantastic learning journey.

We create an environment that is challenging and stimulating

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