Bush Kindy




Our Early Childhood Teachers are all trained in Nature Play and as a result, our Kindergarten Children reap the benefits of a year round Bush Kindy program.

Each week, Kindergarten Children participate in sessions that build on each Child’s innate motivation to learn and promote a positive attitude towards learning, risk taking, making choices and initiating play in the outdoors. Children will enjoy one Bush/Beach Kindy session per month on a rotating roster alongside weekly (in class) experiences that support and extend on their ideas, outcomes and understanding of this Nature Play inspired curriculum.

During their Bush Kindy sessions Children will:

  • Enjoy regular and extended periods of time exploring planned and spontaneous experiences in natural environments
  • Engage with their local community; explore the history of the land; learn to respect and protect it for our future generations
  • Participate in the excitement and wonder of excursions to our sister centers, local reserves, parklands and waterways
  • Experience daily and seasonal fluctuations in weather and all that weather involves; seasonal changes to plants, animal habitats, breeding seasons, insects etc
  • Enjoy wet weather and sensory exploration. They will be supported to explore and develop all of their senses in a natural, ever changing environment.
  • Explore and play with a range of natural materials that challenge their thinking and inspire group participation with their peers
  • Play and learn outdoors – Have Fun! Get Dirty! Enjoy Nature! Be Free!

The 5 Principles of our Bush Kindy Curriculum are…

  1. Bush Kindy is for ALL Children
  2. Children connect with, respect, appreciate and learn to care for the natural environment
  3. Children are guided by passionate educators and are viewed as competent learners, capable problem solvers and calculated risk takers
  4. Children develop a sense of self in an environment that reduces their stress, increases calm and naturally supports their autonomy and creativity
  5. Children are immersed in the natural world, learning about the indigenous history of the land they are exploring and all of its wonderful inhabitants.

We create an environment that is challenging and stimulating

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