We pride ourselves on building a welcoming and inclusive Centre Community at each of our locations.

We ensure that we employ only the best Educators. By ensuring that our staff are highly qualified and experienced, we can provide the best care for your little one. At least 50% of our Educators hold a 2-year diploma Qualification in Children’s services (or higher) and all other Educators are Certificate 3 Qualified. Our onsite cooks have also undertaken Qualifications in Food Safety and Food Handling – with some of our centres even having fully qualified chefs preparing our centre meals every day.

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What Parents Are Saying

Free Range Kids Laidley 1 has been an amazing support system for my child, myself and my family.
Since enrolling my child in day care in February he has continually been amazing me with what he has learnt.  Not only is the education amazing, the ladies put so much time into each child individually to help them grow into an independent child. My child is more confident in himself and outgoing.  Not only is he excited with all the small steps that he makes but so are his educators.  This year my child went from a non-talking 2yr old to a very chatty 3 year old who know how to count and knows his colours. I am so thankful for these ladies helping me as a mum teach my child the basics in life and rewarding him with love and cuddles and high fives when he succeeds in his task.  They have gone from educators to friends. The friendly nature of the centre shines as do the children. It's reassuring and the smiles on all the children's faces speak for itself. Putting my child into Free Range Kids Laidley 1 has been the best choice for my child.

Ashley N

Not only does your centre have great toys and playground facilities, most importantly; it has amazing educators!
As parents, we can never underestimate the importance of having consistent educators forming close relationships with our kids. The social confidence and benefits my children gain from the special interactions they have with all the Educators at Free Range Kids make us all feel safe and secure at every drop off.
Your centre provides stability, loving friendships and close bonds between educators and our children and I wanted to thank you for that. Thank you for looking after your staff the way you do, and to your educators for looking after our children like they are their own. We have had a great first year at Free Range and look forward to more fun filled learning years ahead.

Jo H

We really love the program which is stimulating for our very active child. The environment is open, clean and fun. The staff are welcoming, open and easy to talk to. We really enjoy coming to Free Range.


As a fulltime working mother of 2, I enjoy being able to leave my children in a comfortable, trusting environment. I feel my children get the most utter support and nurturing they need in order to grow.

M (Mum to 1 year old and 6 year old)

I have always felt confident that my child is in good hands with the Free Range Kids Gatton staff – even as a baby. All the staff are warm and approachable – they are always happy to listen to any concerns, take them seriously and follow up on them. The education program is amazing – I love how it follows the children’s interest and fosters independence. The facilities are great – modern with a warm ‘homely’ feel. The Playground is fabulous – especially the bikes/trikes and the jungle area complete with fish! I cannot recommend Free Range Kids Gatton highly enough!

S (mum to 4 year old)

Free Range Kids Laidley is a welcoming, warm and family orientated centre. The centre provides outstanding care, with enthusiastic and caring educators who provide children with an early education tailored to their needs. As a family you feel valued with daily communication and opportunities to participate in your child’s education as well as centre events.

Adam and Nicole Halstead

We love Free Range Kids Laidley because the ladies are great, not only to the kids but to us as parents also. The communication is great, and we can always have a laugh. My daughter gets so excited coming here and that makes me happy. I highly recommend for anyone looking to put their children into childcare – come to Free Range Kids!


I can’t say enough wonderful things about Free Range Kids Laidley. My children have been coming to the centre for roughly two years and they enjoy every minute of it. The staff are very lovely, and I couldn’t thank them enough for doing their job the way they do. It really is the best centre in the area.


My 3 children have been coming here for such a long time that I feel like the centre is part of our family. I trust the staff with my children as much as I would my own mother. When I leave my children and go to work, I don’t feel any sort of guilt as I know they are in the best of care. Thanks for all you do ladies.


We create an environment that is challenging and stimulating

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