Our Focus on Sustainability and Nature




Environmental responsibility and education play a vital part in our programs, and the physical environments we provide at the centre. With sustainability and care of the environment being so socially important today, we feel it is our duty to ensure that this passion and love for the environment is embedded in your child’s learning while they are young. Where possible we ensure our playgrounds and outdoor play spaces are sourced from natural and recycled resources. Indoors, your child will interact with a wide range of nature-based play experienced and activities that ensure they learn how to care for and respect the world around them.

Teaching Your Child

Some examples of ways your child will learn to care for their environment include:

Recycling food waste for our gardens

Using recycled items in play and craft

Worm farming and composting

Using successful vegetable and herb crops in the centre menu and cooking experiences

Growing and maintaining centre plants and gardens

Learning about and practicing energy efficiency

Learning about and practicing water conservation

Caring for animals and centre pets

Additional to the above, as a centre we:

Minimise the use of toxic chemicals which are harmful to the environment

Where possible, source equipment and supplies from environmentally conscious companies

Use recycled materials in our environments and playground designs and set ups

Install energy efficient lighting and water saving taps and toilets

Liaise with other companies in the community to utilise recycled items within our centre

Accept and incorporate donated items (redistributing what is not needed to families in need)

Incorporate external educational shows and programs which focus on sustainability

Recycle paper and cardboard

We create an environment that is challenging and stimulating

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