Free Range Kids’ Inclusion goal is to ensure that all children and families, regardless of circumstance or vulnerability, is included and feels welcome and supported. Prior to enrolment, we take time to get to know your child’s and family’s needs and begin to plan and access support (when needed) to best support their learning journey with us.

Diverse Team

Our Educators at our centres are culturally diverse and can assist with meeting specific cultural requests, translating for families where communication is a barrier, as well as to assist the child in their settling in process.

Additional Needs Support

We pride ourselves on ensuring that all children are included in our amazing experiences at our centres. Children with additional needs are welcomed and additional support is sought via the Inclusion Support Subsidy and the National Disability Insurance Scheme. Our staff go the extra mile to ensure that all children’s individual needs are met, and that all children and their families feel valued and included.

We continually invest in our Educators to build their capability to support our families and children. With increased experience and skills, our Educators and Management play a vital role in delivering inclusive practices in care and education for all children and families.

We create an environment that is challenging and stimulating

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